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Braybe Livingston

Miskey Honeywell
Letsen Overland 
Brandywine Weatherspoon
Sneetz Summerville

Of Light and Life there is The Book of Light

Of all that has been or will be corrupted, there is The Book of Darkness

One empowers individuals 

The other has power over them 

Hidden within the impenetrable snow covered exterior walls of Powder Mountain, and secret to the rest of the world is the protected, self contained, pure and peaceful valley of Hollow Hills. 

The crater valley is thousands of feet above the base of the mountain with only one accessible entrance and one exit, keeping outsiders out. The outside world below holds little interest to Littluns. It’s not that they don’t know about such things and what goes on out there; they know very well about the chaos and discord and the importance of remaining removed from such things.

However, once every year or two, around the third and sixth full Moons, the Littleton Town Council selects five of its citizens to journey down Powder Mountain into the outside world. It’s a scavenger hunt. The only rules are that anything they bring back must not belong to anyone. An example would be; you aren’t allowed to climb a tree to get an apple, but you can take the apple if it’s fallen onto the ground. No one ever worries about the rules because every Littlun is taught, from a very young age, that stealing is wrong and no Littlun would ever consider such an act - it just wouldn’t be Littlun.

Now, it should be noted that this is not just any outing. It is very dangerous and requires much skill and knowledge. The journey down the mountain is treacherous. More importantly, there can be no contact with the outside world making a costume necessary. To do otherwise, could put their very existence in jeopardy. No one looks forward to being selected, but each accepts the responsibility in the knowledge that they are fulfilling a community obligation and that the scavenger hunt will provide new seeds for planting, news of the outside world, and any surprises that will provide for good eating and/or interesting reading. 

This is one of those days for a scavenger hunt.

The Littluns: Braybe, Miskey, Letsen, Brandywine, and Sneetz go down the mountain together on what should be a cautious, but pleasant outing. However, there was no way that they could have known about the evil permeating throughout the land. Disguised as Eqassym Enturim and The Necromancer, the Evil One had placed most of his dark powers into words; words reserved for his wicked purposes. By doing so, it provided him with the benefits of both worlds while carrying out his plan to deceive and corrupt its inhabitants. But, ‘The Evil One’s’ ominous Dark Book becomes lost, resulting in him becoming trapped somewhere between the living and the dead. To fulfill his plan, he must have his Book back at all costs. 

This faith-based story of innocence, takes you into a magical, fantasy world of imagination. 

Littluns is a story for all ages, depicting everyone’s journey through life facing choices for the Light or darkness. Beginning with a simple scavenger hunt, the reader is taken on a fast roller coaster ride into the unknown. 

“Littluns” is an action packed, exciting alternative for millions of readers. It too will have controversy due to its powerful theme, but in contrast, its enlightened values cannot be disputed and will live forever in this mythical world of wonder and enchantment that will warm your soul.

“Littluns” is a book for the entire family - recommended reading is for twelve years of age and above.

The novel’s Judeo-Christian values should appeal to both religious and secular readers. Even others may find the read to be, at the very least, entertaining and thought provoking. 

Uniquely, “Littluns” is written in the present-tense, third omniscient voice with the intent for the reader to have a live experience as if they are watching a movie. The sixty-three color illustrations complete the visual reading experience. This is a page-turner where the reader will never be able to predict what will happen next…surprised, but never disappointed. “Littluns” will also stir the reader’s every emotion while presenting real-life examples that everyone can relate to.

(Publishers Note:  "Littluns" is a family friendly novel, as awarded by the Dove Foundation.  It is a wonderful story that when read by parents and their children, would bring the opportunity to discuss many topics including friendships, honesty, faith, hope and teachings from the Bible that children may understand better after reading "Littluns".)